Seeing with new eyes, here and now.

Stone House
Guimaraes, Portugal

Seeing with new eyes, here and now.

Infinity Pool
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Seeing with new eyes, here and now.

Galleria di Diana
La Venaria Reale, Venaria Reale (TO)

Seeing with new eyes, here and now.

Montaña Magica Lodge
Huilo Huilo, Chile


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Whether its purpose is informative, decision-making or training, a meeting requires a plan aimed at the common goal of the participants.
Our planning ensures greater flexibility, stimulates discussion and finds unexpected solutions. And when these solutions are identified, our organisation is coordinated to track their progress.


The incentive is a business management tool that allows you to enhance and guide staff, customers, suppliers and all your stakeholders with customised solutions.
Our ability is to extract the maximum potential from every motivational activity, and it does not matter whether it is a trip or a dinner. We design unique solutions and we catalyse them in the most amazing places: on a desert island, at the foot of a mountain, on a tree top, on a beach, in a public square, in private homes. Everywhere.


The primary goal of any convention is to get the brand message across to the target, loud and clear.
Our goal is to enhance this message by developing coordinated images, sound solutions and lighting and special effects appropriate to the content.
Like when we transform a public building into a corporate location.


The purpose of an event is to create direct contact, in an innovative way, between brand and target.
We like to establish this contact using show-making as the key.
Like when we used the magic of the roofs of Turin, Berlin and New York, setting up respectively the opening of a factory, a dinner to entertain clients and a cocktail party.

We are an incentive house in step with the times
In an era of continuous transformations, we offer up to date solutions
here and now

Every action we take aims to generate, maintain and increase the value of your brand, because it produces a concrete and immediate source of ROI. To do that we can take you to every corner of the world, but we also know how to produce emotions and results of global reach in the here and now. How? From our vantage point on the world – Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events (MICE) – we study and foresee the trends that your brand may need in all different kinds of initiatives, and we translate them into innovative solutions. We show you the reality you already know in a surprising and new way, shaped around your business objectives. Not elsewhere, not tomorrow. Here and now.
iDuck Event & Incentive is the MICE sector of the Echo Creative Company.

Luisella Vecchi, Chairman of iDuck Srl, 35 years of experience in the MICE industry, has built a network of partnerships in every corner of the globe, a network without intermediaries, which duly responds to the quality control of our company. Since 2002, Luisella Vecchi is the Chairman of iDuck Event e Incentive, and its co-founder, along with Teo and Giulia Medardi of Sc2med, a company specialising in multimedia services and Information & Communication Technology.

In 2004, with the arrival of Fabio Sferruzzi, Sc2med is transformed and evolves, and in 2009 the members found Echo Creative.
In 2010, the experience and the credibility gained in the professional field acquires solidity and the Group decides to capitalise on the results obtained, re-entering the market as the Echo Creative Company, a corporate communications agency with a dual personality: Live and Digital.


Meeting, flexibility and unexpected solutions

Incentives, the maximum potential from each motivational activity

Convention, the brand message, loud and clear

Event, the key to the spectacular